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Johanna Fateman: Super Rare Hot Chip Le Tigre Remix 7" for Super Good Cause ›


A couple of these very rare & collectible (neon vinyl and spray paint stencil sleeves with glitter!) 7”s of Hot Chip’s 2004 remix of my band Le Tigre’s song TKO have been added as prizes for backers of a Kickstarter campaign for an ambitious and radical new enterprise.

Blerd’s the word! Popblerd loves WHO TOOK THE BOMP? Le Tigre ON TOUR! DVD Review Here!

Kathleen Hanna is Listgeeks Feature #10!

Interview, pictures, video, and an update about Kathleen’s current band, The Julie Ruin!


Kathleen Hanna Looks Back on Le Tigre, Praises Lady Gaga’s Gay Pride, Dismisses ‘Boring’ Odd Future

'member that part in Wayne's World when he sees Cassandra for the first time? That's happening here.


whotookthebomp?letigreontour  <3<3<3

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gettin ready for a show…..

Le Tigre playing “Deceptacon” from WHO TOOK THE BOMP? LE TIGRE ON TOUR, directed by Kerthy Fix.

DVD available TODAY!! 

Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour streets on DVD today! Packed with extra features - additional interviews, more live performances, outtakes - there’s a whole lot more Le Tigre for you to love!  Check out this clip from an extra sit down interview with the band: 

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she’s so awesome

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